Your account login and payment options remain the same, but it is now faster and easier to drop off your beverage containers! 

How this affects you:

More locations to serve you!

All Re-Centre and Re-Express cardholders can now recycle at any Re-Centre depot:

  • 557 Mountain Road, Moncton
  • 323 Collishaw Street, Moncton
  • 55 Vaughan Harvey Boulevard, Moncton

ALWAYS scan your bags!

At the depot, you MUST scan your card (or key tag) first, then scan each bag’s tag (barcoded sticker) before placing your bags inside the depot (this links each bag to your card/account).

If you do not scan your bags, we will not be able to credit your account.


  • Your Re-Centre or Re-Express card (and key tag) are the only items that will work when scanned to unlock and open the depot doors. 
  • All bags scanned after your Re-Centre or Re-Express card (or key tag) are linked to your card/account. 

No need to count containers!

Re-Centre cardholders are already used to this, but Re-Express cardholders will be happy to learn that no more counting is required!

Just fill up your bags with New Brunswick deposit-bearing beverage containers and drop them off.

We will credit your account for each container recycled.

Barcoded sticker sheets (bag tags) included with Re-Centre bags.

Plus, we’ve increased the number of bags in a pack of Re-Centre bags from 10 to 12! The price has remained the same ($2.29 + HST), which means you now get more bags at a lower cost per bag. 

Purchase Re-Centre bags here: 

  • Canadian Tire Gas+ Station (650 Mountain Road)
  • Valley Redemption Centre (323 Collishaw Street)
  • Sobeys Vaughan Harvey (55 Vaughan Harvey Boulevard)

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