New Bike Rack in Downtown Moncton.

Encorp Atlantic – the team behind both the Re-Centre and Re-Express pilot projects – recently collaborated with La Bikery to produce a new statement bike rack which will be installed in Downtown Moncton near City Hall in anticipation of Earth Day.

Shaped like a car, the green-coloured bike rack not only draws your attention, but also makes an important statement about sustainable transportation and urban design – it accommodates a dozen bicycles in the same space one car would usually take up in a single parking space. The bike was designed with the help of Brian Branch (Branch Graphic Design). His design was brought to life by Metaltech.

This initiative is part of Encorp Atlantic’s community outreach efforts – creating public space for recycling and promoting recycling as well as other healthy habits to reduce our environmental footprint. Bike racks like these could be installed throughout the city and include recycling bins where passersby can drop recyclable containers and other materials.

Media and the public are invited to the unveiling ceremony on Friday, April 19, 2019 (11 a.m.), near Moncton City Hall (corner of Botsford and Main Street).

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