Tips for Winter Recycling.

  • Empty Your Containers
    Leftover liquid often freezes in the bottles and cans during the winter months. Make sure your beverage containers are well emptied before you place them in a Re-Centre bag.
  • Make Sure Your Bag Tag Is Firmly Attached
    A bag tag must be attached to each Re-Centre bag in order for us to credit your Re-Centre account. It is important to ensure the area where you apply the sticker is clean and dry. This is especially important on cold winter days. If the tag is firmly attached, the adhesive can survive in temperatures as low as -50°C. However, this is only if the tag is firmly applied to a clean, dry surface.
  • Snowstorms
    We work hard to clear the snow and maintain access to the depot during snowstorms. However, we ask members to please be vigilant and not put themselves in danger by venturing out to the Re-Centre depots in extreme weather.
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