COVID-19 Update. Please Keep Stocking Your Containers at Home! We Hope to Reopen Soon!

Happy Earth Day! 

We are so thankful for your patience while circumstances out of our control – the current  COVID-19 pandemic – has put a temporary hold on recycling at all New Brunswick redemption centres, including our Re-Centre depots

Please keep stocking your beverage containers at home – we can’t wait to redeem them for you! The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly got many rethinking our collective impact on the planet. We believe it is now more important than ever that every one of us do our part to reduce our environmental impact – and this includes making sure all recyclable beverage containers are recycled. None should end up as litter in our beautiful public outdoor spaces, nor in a landfill. 

Please stay healthy and safe by adhering to all recommended measures the Government of New Brunswick has issued during these unprecedented times. 

Note that it will be impossible for us to disinfect our depots’ doors after each visit, so wearing gloves and/or washing your hands/using hand sanitizer will be highly recommended once we are allowed to reopen.

We look forward to welcoming you again soon! 

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