Online survey and focus groups

We wish to inform our Re-Centre members that Encorp Atlantic – the organization behind Re-Centre – has hired Narrative Research to lead an online survey and some focus groups this fall (October-November 2020) with beverage product consumers in order to explore their thoughts on beverage container recycling in New Brunswick.

This research will help us improve the beverage container redemption/recycling experience for consumers throughout the province in collaboration with redemption centres and other Beverage Containers Program stakeholders. 

Narrative Research will soon be collecting input from Re-Centre members – along with many other New Brunswick beverage product consumers. Some Re-Centre members may thus receive an invitation to fill out a short online survey and/or to participate in a focus group in the coming days and weeks. Participation is completely optional. We thank you in advance for taking the time to review and respond to their invitation, should you receive one. 

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