Update on Removing the Printers at Mountain Road and Collishaw Street Locations

As previously announced, the tag printing stations will be removed. We are currently monitoring bag usage and aiming to remove the printers once we see high enough volumes of the new Re-Centre bags being used, thus indicating that most members no longer have old bags in stock. This should happen in the new year.  We will advise all Re-Centre members once a date is confirmed for the removal of the printers. 

Since July 1st 2020, Re-Centre bags are sold with barcoded sticker sheets included.

Important note: If you have bags without sticker sheets left at home, you can use up your current stock of bags by printing stickers at the printers until they are removed.  After which, you will always have sticker sheets included when you purchase new Re-Centre bags.  

We continue to receive phone calls and emails from members who have not taken notice of the new changes in effect at Re-Centre. If not already done so, please make sure to familiarize yourself with all changes to Re-Centre which were announced in July 2020 (Re-Centre and Re-Express merger). 

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