Valentine’s Day, Family Day and March Break Are Excellent Opportunities to Offer Yourself a Little Reward…

Check Your Re-Centre Account Balance and Access Your Well-Deserved Recycling Money! 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, as well as Family Day, and let’s not forget March Break coming up, now is the perfect opportunity to log in to your Re-Centre account, check your account balance and treat yourself – or a loved one – to some well-deserved recycling money!

We want you to fully take advantage of the money you accumulate with Re-Centre! In fact, all Re-Centre account holders should strive to maintain active accounts by visiting a Re-Centre depot from time to time to drop off their empty beverage containers, periodically checking their online account balance, and withdrawing funds.

There are many options for you to access money in your Re-Centre account. Note that if you have forgotten your username or password to do so, you can reset your username here and your password here. If you have forgotten your Re-Centre card PIN, you can reset it once you are logged in. And, if you need extra help, you can contact our office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.): or 1.506.389.7333.

When withdrawing funds, it is recommended to withdraw your balance in full and refrain from leaving small amounts under $5.00 in your account. 


Allows you to donate money from your Re-Centre account to your favourite charity. No minimum balance required. Learn more.

Inside the Sobeys Vaughan Harvey store, the Re-Station allows you to obtain cash from your Re-Centre account. Simply scan your Re-Centre card, enter your 4-digit PIN and follow the instructions. No minimum balance required. Learn more.

Interac e-Transfer
Allows you to transfer money from your Re-Centre account to a personal bank account. Requires a minimum balance of $10. Learn more.

Requests that a cheque be sent to you by mail. Requires a minimum balance of $50. Learn more.

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