Removing the Printers at Mountain Road and Collishaw Street Locations

Since July 1st, 2020, Re-Centre bags are sold with barcoded sticker sheets included.  As previously announced, we need to remove the printing stations at the depots. Our current data indicates that we should be able to remove the printing stations in April of this year, since enough Re-Centre members have now started using the new Re-Centre bags. We will, of course, issue a communication to all Re-Centre members once we get closer to the actual removal date. 

If you have old bags without sticker sheets left at home, you can use up your current stock of bags by printing stickers at the printers until they are removed.  After which, you will always have sticker sheets included when you purchase new Re-Centre bags.  

Scan Your Card, Then Your Bags…

Your Re-Centre (or Re-Express card) and key tags are the only items that can unlock and open the depot doors. It is important to ALWAYS follow these steps at the depots: 

  1. Scan your card (or key tag) to open the door and start the transaction.
  2. Scan each bag you wish to link to your account.
  3. Close the door once all your bags are inside the depot to end the transaction.

Keep in mind…

  • If someone else is already at the depot putting bags inside, please WAIT until they are finished. This is important, not only because of physical distancing due to COVID-19, but also because a transaction is in progress. If you do not want your bags to be associated with another member’s account, stand back and wait for your turn. 
  • The automatic locking mechanism takes a few seconds to activate once you have closed the door. In fact, you will hear the distinct click of the locking mechanism activating. If you feel the need to double-check that the door has indeed locked properly, wait about 30-45 seconds to give the locking mechanism the chance to activate.
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