Make Sure to Periodically Check Your Re-Centre Account Balance and Access Your Well-Deserved Recycling Money

We want you to fully take advantage of the money you accumulate with Re-Centre! In fact, all Re-Centre account holders should strive to maintain active accounts by visiting a Re-Centre depot from time to time to drop off their empty beverage containers, periodically checking their online account balance, and withdrawing funds. 

When withdrawing funds, it is recommended to withdraw your balance in full and refrain from leaving small amounts under $5.00 in your account. 

If we are ever forced to close your account (for example, because you move or are no longer interested in using the depots, or we notify you about the fact that your account has been inactive for too long and you do not take steps to rectify the situation), take note that, as per our Terms of Service, unclaimed balances of less than $5.00 in accounts that must be closed get donated to a local charity partner of our choice. This is because the unclaimed balance amount is not high enough to warrant the additional administrative work and fees required to issue a cheque or an e-transfer – and it is ultimately the account holder’s responsibility to monitor their balance and withdraw the funds from their account.

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