Happy Earth Day!

We celebrate Earth Day (April 22) this week!

Our most sincere thank you to all Re-Centre members for their continued support of the Re-Centre pilot project. You can celebrate Earth Day knowing you are doing your part with your Re-Centre recycling efforts! 

Our team behind Re-Centre at Encorp Atlantic has certainly learned a lot from the project – now celebrating its 7th anniversary. The lessons learned with Re-Centre have led to us where we are at today – on the verge of rolling out a series of modernization projects in collaboration with redemption centre operators – which will greatly improve access, convenience, and the overall experience of redeeming and recycling beverage containers for all New Brunswickers. 

In fact, we are excited to be testing the first of these province-wide redemption centre modernization projects – a newly developed Point-of-Sale (POS) system – with two redemption centres in southeastern New Brunswick – starting this April! The POS system is a custom application that can be used by redemption centres to electronically process deposit-bearing beverage containers received from consumers, pay out deposit refunds, and manage inventory. Most exciting of all, the POS will give redemption centres the data processing capability they need so that we can eventually launch a province-wide drop & go beverage container recycling program similar to Re-Centre and make this available to redemption centres who wish to participate. 

We will keep Re-Centre members informed of our technology developments and we look forward to the next few years for exciting launches and improvements to the Beverage Containers Program which we hope will greatly improve public participation in recycling! 

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