Printers Will Be Removed August 10th. Coming Soon at Mountain Road and Collishaw Street Locations: Easy Access Door!

It has been one year since we first introduced our new Re-Centre bags with barcoded stickers sheets included, and most Re-Centre members have now made the switch to these new bags. We can thus proceed with removing the printers – which are no longer needed – from our Mountain Road and Collishaw Street depots. The printers will be removed on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. 

We’re excited to announce that removing the printing stations at both of these depots will allow us to start work behind the scenes on retrofitting the depots to install a 4th door! This 4th door will be lower to the ground to facilitate access for those who feel the doors are too high, people with mobility issues, families visiting the depots with small children, etc. – similar to our easy access door at the Vaughan Harvey Re-Centre depot location.

A reminder that Re-Centre bags MUST ALWAYS be identified with a barcoded Re-Centre tag (sticker). 

Follow these steps at the depots: 

  1. Scan your card (or key tag) to open the door and start the transaction.
  2. Scan the tag (sticker with Re-Centre barcode) from each bag you wish to link to your account.
  3. Close the door once all your bags are inside the depot to end the transaction.

Re-Centre barcoded sticker sheets are included with Re-Centre bags sold at the following locations:

Sobeys Vaughan Harvey 
55 Vaughan Harvey Boulevard, Moncton

Canadian Tire Gas+ Station
557 Mountain Road, Moncton

Valley Redemption Centre
323 Collishaw Street, Moncton

If you still have old Re-Centre bags without sticker sheets left at home, please contact our office (1.506.389.7333 or so that we may assist you.

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