Beverage Containers (Deposit-Bearing)

The New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program aims to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and to keep litter off of our roadways and out of our waterways by reusing and recycling beverage containers. Thanks to a deposit and refund scheme, used beverage containers are collected at participating redemption centres and then recycled – or washed, sterilized and refilled.

When you buy certain beverage products at the store, you pay a deposit fee on top of the price of the item. You get a portion of this deposit back as a refund if you return the empty beverage container to a participating redemption centre, like Re-Centre.

For empty beverage containers that you drop off at a Re-Centre depot, the refund is credited in your Re-Centre online account. Various payment options are offered to withdraw your funds.







Accepted Beverage Containers

All the following ready-to-drink beverage products are deposit-bearing. If you purchased these beverage products in New Brunswick, return their empty containers to a redemption centre for a refund on the deposits paid.

Deposit paid = Refundable

The types of beverages covered by the Beverage Containers Program are: 

  • water and flavoured water 
  • fruit and vegetable juices 
  • beverages with dairy (such as milk shakes, milk protein shakes, coffee drinks, drinkable yogurt, drinkable kefir, eggnog) 
  • plant-based milk alternative beverages that are not labelled as “fortified” 
  • plant-based milk alternative beverages that are labelled as “fortified” and also labelled as “not a source of protein” 
  • sports drinks (such as protein drinks, energy drinks and electrolyte beverages) 
  • nutritional supplements not labelled as “meal replacements” or “formulated liquid diets” 
  • soft drinks 
  • beer, wine, and spirits 
  • low alcohol drinks 
  • cannabis beverages 
  • other types of beverages not explicitly listed as not included 

Non-Accepted Beverage Containers
(Not Deposit-Bearing) 

Some beverage products do not have a deposit upon purchase. Their containers cannot be returned to a redemption centre for a refund. You can still recycle many of these containers – check with your Regional Service Commission’s waste management program.

No deposit paid = Non-refundable 

The following types of beverages are not included in the Beverage Containers Program (no deposit) at this time: 

  • apple cider that has not been heated, pasteurized or otherwise processed 
  • milk and flavoured milk, as defined under the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations (also applies to goat’s milk) 
  • plant-based milk alternative beverages that are labelled as “fortified” 
    (Note the following exception: if a milk alternative is labelled both as “fortified” and “not a source of protein,” then it is included in the Beverage Containers Program and a deposit is charged.) 
  • nutritional supplements labelled as “meal replacements” or “formulated liquid diets” 
  • infant formula (labelled as “infant formula”) 
  • concentrated beverages (must be mixed or diluted before drinking), such as powdered or frozen juices, cocktail mixers, syrups, condensed milk, creamers, coffee or tea concentrates, extracts and flavour enhancers 
  • beverages in containers greater than 5 litres 
  • beverages purchased outside of New Brunswick