Re-Centre Pilot Project Recycling Data

Encorp Atlantic is monitoring recycling rates and other important data from the Re-Centre depots to be able to offer new technology and make recommendations for improvements to New Brunswick redemption centres. Data is posted here as it is made available.

Re-Centre Dashboards (2014+)

Re-Centre Surveys (2014+)

Re-Centre Reports (2014+)

Final Report on Pilot Projects

Final Report on Pilot Projects
This report puts an end to phase 1 (36 months) of the Re-Centre (Moncton) pilot project as well as the Express Bag (Fredericton) field trial that provided valuable data on convenience factors and public perception of a new approach to collecting deposit-bearing containers in New Brunswick. The culmination of these three-year research projects allowed Encorp to glimpse into the future of post-consumer beverage container management. For more information or a copy of the report, please contact Encorp Atlantic.

Re-Express Pilot Project Data

From June 2018-June 2020, Encorp led a similar pilot project to Re-Centre, which was called Re-Express. 

Re-Express allowed Encorp to test the concept of fixed-count bags (which gave customers a fixed-value refund for containers dropped off) in a self-serve depot model. 

As of June 2020, Encorp merged best practices from the two pilot projects together under the current revised Re-Centre model. Data from the Re-Express pilot project – which is now finished –  remains available here.

Re-Express Dashboards (2018-2020)

Re-Express Surveys (2018+)