About Re-Centre Bags

You must purchase and use Re-Centre bags to collect and bring your empty beverage containers to a Re-Centre depot. Re-Centre bags are designed to be strong and to resist tearing. They are also transparent to ensure the safety of workers who sort the containers, allowing them to assess a bag’s contents before opening. Do not bring your recyclable beverage containers in any other type of bag.

Every single Re-Centre bag that you drop off at a Re-Centre depot must be appropriately tagged with a bar-coded sticker in order for us to credit your account with the right container count and refund*. Bar-coded sticker sheets are included with the Re-Centre bags that you purchase. Check the back of the bag packaging label.

Get Your Re-Centre Bags Here:

Canadian Tire Gas+ Station
557 Mountain Road, Moncton

Valley Redemption Centre
323 Collishaw Street, Moncton

Sobeys Vaughan Harvey 
55 Vaughan Harvey Boulevard, Moncton

Price: $2.29 (+HST) for a pack of 12 bags.

( Please note that the cost for a sleeve of Re-Centre bags is subject to change. Re-Centre does not profit from bag sales.)