Payment Options

Once you drop off Re-Centre bags full of beverage containers at a Re-Centre depot, you can expect your Re-Centre online account to be updated within 3 business days. “Business Day” means a day in the province of New Brunswick other than a Saturday, Sunday or a statutory holiday. Please note that there could be additional delays in your bag processing time, for reasons beyond our control.

There are many options for you to access the funds in your Re-Centre account.

Interac e-Transfer
Allows you to transfer money from your Re-Centre account to a personal bank account. No minimum balance required. Learn more.

Requests that a cheque be sent to you by mail. Requires a minimum balance of $50. Learn more.

Inside the Sobeys Vaughan Harvey store, the Re-Station allows you to obtain cash from your Re-Centre account. Simply scan your Re-Centre card, enter your 4-digit PIN and follow the instructions. No minimum balance required. Learn more.

Allows you to donate money from your Re-Centre account to your favourite charity. No minimum balance required. Learn more.

Take note! We reserve the right to correct the balance of your Re-Centre account if we believe that a clerical, accounting or other error occurred. We shall have no liability for any accounting error. You should monitor your transactions and account balances closely. More information is available on our Terms of Service page.