What do I do if I forget my online account username or password?

You can reset your username here and your password here.

What do I do if I forget my PIN, or if I lose my card?

If you do not remember your 4-digit PIN, you can reset it once you are logged in to your Re-Centre account. It is one of the options in the menu on the right of your account interface. If you need help, please send us an email at info@re-centre.ca or call us at 1.506.389.7333 during regular business hours.

If you lose your card, please send us an email at info@re-centre.ca or call us at 1.506.389.7333 during regular business hours.

How do I check my balance and get access to my money?

You can log in to check your Re-Centre account balance online at any time. Once you are signed in, you can transfer your money to your bank account via an Interac e-transfer. You can request a cheque or choose to donate funds to your favourite charity. You can also withdraw cash from your account by visiting the Re-Station. Learn more about payment options.

I have a question about my charitable donation. Whom should I contact for information?

Please contact United Way/Centraide at office@moncton.unitedway.ca or 506.858.8600 for all charitable donation related questions, including receipts for tax purposes.

What kind of bags can I use to collect my empty beverage containers? Can I use my own bags?

You must use specially designed Re-Centre bags to collect and bring your empty beverage containers to a Re-Centre depot. Do not bring your recyclable beverage containers in any other type of bag. Other types of bag are known to rip and create havoc inside the depot. We cannot credit you for containers that you lose if your bag rips inside the depot. Re-Centre bags are designed specifically to avoid such issues.

Plus, every single Re-Centre bag that you drop off at a Re-Centre depot must be appropriately tagged with a bar-coded sticker in order for us to credit your account with the right container count and refund. Bar-coded sticker sheets are included with the Re-Centre bags that you purchase. Check the back of the bag packaging label.

Learn more about Re-Centre bags.

Where/how do I get more bags?

Re-Centre bags are available for purchase at the following locations:

Canadian Tire Gas+ Station
557 Mountain Road, Moncton

Valley Redemption Centre
323 Collishaw Street, Moncton

Sobeys Vaughan Harvey
55 Vaughan Harvey Boulevard, Moncton

Please note that the cost for a sleeve of Re-Centre bags is subject to change.

Why are Re-Centre bags sold? Why is Re-Centre using plastic bags?

Re-Centre bags used to be offered free of charge to members, but as the pilot project expanded, offering bags free became an unsustainable long-term option. The bags are now sold at a very competitive price and are better quality than other standard garbage bags so that they do not rip and spill their contents once dropped off inside one of the self-serve Re-Centre depots. Learn more (notice sent to members in 2018). 

Our team behind Re-Centre at Encorp Atlantic has experimented with reusable plastic bins and continues to study this option as well as reusable cotton or canvas bag. For now, plastic bags simply perform better in a self-serve depot model like Re-Centre. They ensure the bottles and cans remain secure so that we can credit a customer’s account post-visit, prevent leaks, are easier to carry and store, etc. Our team remains committed to researching and finding ways to address the plastic bag issue and new approaches may be rolled out in future models.

Where can I get bag tags (bar-coded stickers)?

Bag tags are included with the Re-Centre bags that you purchase. Check the back of the bag packaging label.

Is there a limit on how many containers I can put in my Re-Centre bag?

There is no limit. Just make sure to leave enough room to tie off the top with a good knot. We do, however, recommend to leave the bag half full if you are putting a lot of glass bottles in it.

What type of containers are accepted?

We accept, recycle and credit your Re-Centre online account for all New Brunswick deposit-bearing beverage containers. Deposit-bearing means that you paid a deposit fee upon purchase on top of the price of the item.  Learn more about accepted (deposit-bearing) containers.

Do I need to sort my containers?

You can mix plastic, glass, metal, aluminum, steel and Tetra Pak/gabletop containers in your Re-Centre bags. You can put your empty beer cans and wine bottles in your Re-Centre bags along with your other empty beverage containers. The only containers that should be kept separate are refillable glass beer bottles. Since refillable glass beer bottles are sent back to local breweries, we recommend keeping these in their original cardboard cases and then placing the cases inside your Re-Centre bags.

Where are the Re-Centre depots located?

We currently have three Re-Centre depots in Moncton, New Brunswick located at 557 Mountain Road, 323 Collishaw Street and 55 Vaughan Harvey Boulevard.

What are the Re-Centre depots’ hours of operation?

You can drop off your Re-Centre bags full of empty beverage containers at your convenience from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., 7 days a week at any of our Re-Centre depots.

Why is there a limit on the number of Re-Centre members? Why can’t I sign up?

Registration to become a Re-Centre member is currently closed since we are at capacity. The number of members is set to not overwhelm our depots’ capacity while Re-Centre remains a pilot project meant to test and evaluate new technology. Learn more about the Re-Centre pilot project.